Super thankful to have the opportunity to give back. I went back to my home town in Watsonville, CA and wanted to give back to our street vendors. Growing up here we've always been super close to our street vendors and give back whenever we can whether it's $1, $2, etc. For today's video I took inspiration from @LVE FAMILY video and gave back to 10 of our hard working street vendors. I was able to give $500 to 10 of our vendors and the smile it put on their faces warmed my heart. I hope this video reaches more people as a reminder to give back! We have to support and appreciate our hard working street vendors!!
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    Thanks to you guys I’m able to do videos like these💜 let’s continue to show love and support to our street vendors!! Love and appreciate you perras so much!💜

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  • Andrea Pirir Jimenez

    Andrea Pirir Jimenez

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    Thank you for giving back to the community🤍 I don’t want to seem like a moment pooper lol but one thing I would like to ask is that, if you do this again, could you give money in a more discreet way like an envelope so that they don’t get robbed or anything. - in case of anybody with bad intentions around watching.

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    I saw u last night at the quince u are a good dance u when to school with my cousin heavenly.

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    aww I love this video!seeing all them so happy made my heart melt

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    Me and my family saw a street vender selling flowers we bought some then we gave her in and out

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    Omg after watching this video I became a big fan of yours. Thank you for showing our people more specially immigrants, that are out there working super hard under harsh condition no matter the weather. And I believe your only the very very few that actually did a video helping our people working as street vendors! It made me tear up so much!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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    I love how yall talk respectfully to them💜

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    My grandpa was a street vendor. He would sell his chicharrones, elotitos, magos con Chile, y sus vasos con fruta 💗🥺 thanks for doing this you guys 🙏🏼 This is a great message for everyone to watch. Love y’all even more #unidosloslatinos

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