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This is part one of my surgery experience! I wanted to vlog and show you guys my recovery after my surgery. I got a BBL which is a Brazilian Butt Lift. This is something I always wanted to get done and I finally got to do it. I was very scared thinking about the process but I am really glad I went through with it because I was unhappy with my body. *In no way am I trying to influence anyone to get surgery, I just wanted to share my experience and what I went through* If you have thought about this procedure, I hope the information I shared in this video is helpful! In part two I will be answering more questions and showing my final results!
Surgeon: Dr. Obaid Chaudhry
Instagram: @drocplasticsurgery
Office: 414 North Camden Drive, Suite 775, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Satellite Office in the Inland Empire
DM or Call if interested in a Consultation!
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    Can’t wait for you guys to see Part 2!!! When should I post it?👀

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